Thursday, 17 March 2016

Book 1 Dragons of Winter's Dawning - by Symatt

Book 1

The Dragons of Winter's Dawning.

The world lay quietly.
 Old evils long gone, leaving the peoples to live in peace.

Unfortunately this wasn't going to be the case forever.  An evil so dark that it took seven desciples seven days and seven spells with seven daggers to separate its soul host that had taken shape, into seven separate components.

It's arising foretold in a great tapestry that lay hidden. The Mural of Zhang hung in the dark. Every thread alive with its sinister work. Yet it's darkness couldn't be contained, it leached out into the world.  It's tendrils touched the weak.

The first signs,  

Dragons fighting with each other in open warfare. Seemingly oblivious to their surroundings,  yet they fought. No one would understand why.
A band of heroes stumbled upon a long forgotten tomb, unwittingly gave this evil a door. And it took it.

An evil was now loose on the world, the heroes knew no one would understand, so they would tell no one. Deciding to stop it themselves.  Before it could gain it's full potential. To change the future of millions.
To bring the seven portions of evil back together.  To destroy it before it had chance to gain it's full power and bring darkness to all.

Their adventures took them down rivers which lead to Murder. To being hunted across the lands.

Deep into caves with cascading water and Giant ants, on the prowl. To villagers lost to Beholders. Mindflayers took the lives of many and heroes fell.

Rescued dragons from the cages that surely meant their deaths. Flying ships and mechanical miners. Lost for decades within the darkness of a forest. A crazed gnome had made it his home along with a giant spider or two.
Petrification. Was a fitting end, for one, becoming the figurehead of their vessel.

Goblins hide in the hive of an abandoned keep. Guarding  one of the seven desciples.

uncovered a village controlled by women. A witch with her own agenda,  brought down by a dark hearted deed.

Great power corrupted their very hearts. Turning them black and selfish. Seeking power that was not theirs to possess.
Friends new and enemies old Sought what was once never available.
Political fractions, lead to war. Brother fought brother. The world was no longer United, it hung  on the brink of its own destruction.

Seats of learning and royalty alike,  scheme and consider an army of Dragons to win a war. To many in numbers they counted in their thousands. Storms and disaster could not be halted. Hidden horrors. Lay within.

Becoming king,  is never an easy road. Mortoro the last of the 3 brothers has bargained with the wrong side.
Burning of Rathmore library and demons let loose. Cities in danger. Rescued kings and destroyed armies.  countries in danger , dragonlings let loose.

Was this all for naught.

Becoming the heroes they didn't set out to be.

Now, what lay ahead.

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