Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Time is fire in which we burn

She shook off the dizzying effect of the fall. Looking up the huge purple worm still towered above her, adjacent to the flying ship where it had bit a huge chunk out of its side. She was on her back having once again fainted form the proximity of one of the giants elemental orbs. The unloving black crystal heart embedded in her chest, throbbed unnaturally, the black blood that flowed from it to mingle with her own burnt inside her. Everytime she tried to get close to these artefact the same thing happened. but it was like a instinct. She was drawn to the red orb of fire. And at this moment it hung around Vaparios neck as he knelt on the deck of the flying ship, in front of  Galthia the paladin, but still in sight of her.
'He will be mine!'
She scrabbled to her feet crouching low to steady herself , her breathing rash ragged, the wind having been knocked from her by the fall from the worms back. With a puff of whispy smoke she disappeared from the ravines floor and 'Pafff!' materialised behind the dark elf.
Galthia, Lord Hawk and Norgarth were all there, their weapons glowing from the magna demons they had dispatched. Smouldering remains of the creatures bodies were threatening to ignite the wooden gull of the ship. The battle seemed to have paused momentarily as if some consusion had come over the other three. But the sorceress cared not, her eyes were fixed on the back oif the neck of the vulnerable dark elf.
She drew out her sword and with both hands upon it raised it high above her head.
'Snick! !.. 'Thud' Vaprios head hit the deck and rolled a few feet away from his still kneeling body.
Suddenly light shot out of the neck, streaming like a beam of energy into the sky. Haennah pulled back sharp doing her best to avoid the blinding light.

(fill in other cool stuff about the meteor swarm , the purple worm eating Tom, and the red dragons flying away.. all awesomely written but now gone cos blogger doesn't back up grrr!) 

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